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In Wood We Trust

Skunk Works Fishing continually renews its commitment to offer to the fishing enthusiasts new and unforgettable experiences. The name of the company recalls the Advanced Development Programs, widespread from the early 1940s in the aeronautical engineering field. Over time the term "skunkworks" has established itself in various fields to identify a small group of experts who, within an organization, have the opportunity to work on special projects with a high operational autonomy. Real laboratories of innovation, of freedom, based on the philosophy that "small teams can produce powerful ideas". This is what we propose at Skunk Works Fishing: designing and manufacturing perfectly balanced and working fishing lures, operating outside the normal procedures of the Lure Building, preferring wood to the common synthetic materials for the hard baits, researching technologies that can integrate the choice of the material with durability and resistance, defining the standard of craftsmanship that enhances the concept art. Your catches will be the evidence of our work.